What is the GoTrends

GoTrends is an advanced search trend tracking tool, crafted for digital marketing experts, researchers, and trend enthusiasts. With it, users can track, analyze, and forecast the search trends of specific keywords or phrases globally or within specified countries and languages.

What does the result data from GoTrends represent?

The result data from GoTrends indicates how many times your input keywords are searched on Google each month.

Where does GoTrend's data come from?

GoTrend's data comes from Google's official Google Keyword Planner, which provides completely accurate and reliable data. It accurately reflects the search volume of a keyword in a specific country and can track the trend changes over the past 48 months.

What is the difference between GoTrends and Google Trends?

The following are their differences:

  1. GoTrends provides a convenient user experience on the iPhone, while Google Trends does not have a dedicated mobile version. Using GoTrends on the iPhone will result in a better experience.
  2. Google Trends provides data that is indexed, where the highest search volume within a certain period is displayed as 100. If the search volume on a particular day is half of this highest value, it will be displayed as 50. This will bring some problems especially in a long time range research. On the other hand, GoTrends provides completely accurate and real search data.
  3. GoTrends provides a lot of keyword data that cannot be found on Google Trends.
  4. GoTrends will provide more features on trend research in the future, and its feature updates will be faster than Google Trends.
  5. Google Trends provides more real-time trends, such as current hot topics and trends from the past 7 days. On the other hand, GoTrends provides data with a monthly granularity. For short-term trend analysis, Google Trends may have an advantage, but for long-term trend research such as SEO and new product development, GoTrends would be better.

Is the data from GoTrends reliable?

Of course. GoTrends data comes from Google Keyword Planner, which is the official search volume data provided by Google. You can visit https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/ to learn more about Google Keyword Planner.

How to use GoTrends?

It's simple. Just open the app, enter keywords you going to check trend in text field, than touch the ‘Track Trend’ button or touch the ‘send’ button on keyboard. And you can see the search trend of it.

What languages can be tracked for keyword trends?

GoTrends supports tracking search trends for keywords in over 50 languages. There are:

Arabic,Bengali,Bulgarian,Catalan,Chinese (simplified),Chinese (traditional),Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Estonian,Filipino,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Gujarati,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Kannada,Korean,Latvian,Lithuanian,Malay,Malayalam,Marathi,Norwegian,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Punjabi,Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish,Swedish,Tamil,Telugu,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese